Frigade helps you build and manage user onboarding experiences. Better guide users through your product, educate them about its features, and drive them towards key actions.



Flows are the main building blocks of Frigade. Flows are made up of one or more Steps that you want a user to take. Flows have built-in state management, versioning, analytics, and validation to make it easier to build and collaborate on onboarding.


Flows connect to and power components inside your codebase. We offer high quality, pre-built UI components for announcements, checklists, tours, and other common onboarding patterns.

Components are embedded in your product to feel native. You can skin Frigade components using a theme or applying custom css. You can also build custom Frigade components.

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard helps you manage your Flows and users. You can create, edit, and delete Flows, view analytics and user progress, and make updates to onboarding experiences.