Changing environments

Frigade environments allow you to manage your Flows across Development and Production. You can access each environment from the dropdown in the top of the left sidebar.


Copy Flows to Production

Once you have a Flow to your liking in Development, you can simply “Copy to Production” from the three dot menu on the Flows overview. This will copy a Flow’s content, targeting, and other properties. The new Flow will have a new ID, so you will need to update this in your component or in your environment variables.


Working with Flow IDs in multiple environments

Flow IDs are unique to each environment. This means that if you copy a Flow from Development to Production, the Flow ID will change. Depending on the number Flows, you may want to use a single environment variable to manage the Flow IDs in your code.

One solution is to simply store a single environment variable such as FRIGADE_ENV and include a constants file as seen in the example below.

Frigade Flow IDs and Public API keys can safely be stored directly in your frontend codebase as they are meant to be publicly exposed.

const FLOW_IDS_DEV = {
ONBOARDING_CHECKLIST: 'flow_ja2fdmv1wk',

const FLOW_IDS_PROD = {
ONBOARDING_CHECKLIST: 'flow_3823kc2nnd',

export const FLOW_IDS = process.env.FRIGADE_ENV === 'production' ? FLOW_IDS_PROD : FLOW_IDS_DEV