Frigade supports ingesting Mixpanel data and using this data to Target flows to users. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up the Mixpanel integration.

Sending Mixpanel Cohorts to Frigade

To send your Cohorts to Frigade, you will need to create a service account in Mixpanel and add the keys to Frigade. Frigade will then automatically sync your cohorts from Mixpanel.

Step 1: Create a Mixpanel Service Account for Frigade

To create a service account for Frigade, open your Mixpanel project, then click Project Settings and select the Service Accounts tab. Then click Add Service Account and select Analyst as the role.

Finally, click Create and copy the two generated keys.

Step 2: Add the Mixpanel Service Account keys to Frigade

Open the Integrations page in the Frigade dashboard and click the “Connect” button for Mixpanel. Then paste the two keys you copied in the previous step into the corresponding fields.

Then, copy the Project ID from Mixpanel that you wish to sync cohorts from. You can find the Project ID on the Project Settings page in Mixpanel:

Step 3: See your Mixpanel Cohorts in Frigade

Your Mixpanel cohorts appear as properties on your users in Frigade. Each cohort is prefixed with mixpanel_cohort_ and the name of the cohort. For example, if you have a cohort named NewUsers, you will see a property named mixpanel_cohort_NewUsers on your users in Frigade.

You can target users based on these properties in the Targeting section of the Frigade dashboard. For instance, to target users in the NewUsers cohort, you can use the following targeting rule:'mixpanel_cohort_NewUsers') == true