A floating <FrigadeNPSSurvey/>

Setting up an NPS Survey

The <FrigadeNPSSurvey/> component is a floating or inline NPS survey that can be placed anywhere on your website. It features two steps: one for collecting the NPS score, followed by a second step for collecting optional qualitative feedback.

To create an NPS survey, open the NPS Survey in the Frigade component library and click the “Create” button. Make sure to place the corresponding NPS Survey component in your app.


With Frigade Targeting, you can ensure that users only see the survey at the right time as to not interrupt them or collect responses from users you are not interested in surveying. For example, you can show the survey only to users who have recently taken a specific action in the product or reached an important product milestone.

Accessing and Exporting Survey Data

There are several ways to access the NPS survey data:

  • You can set up webhooks to collect new responses in real-time

  • You can access responses directly via the Frigade API

  • You can export NPS survey responses to a CSV file by clicking the “Export to CSV” button in the Users Tab of the Flow detail page (see below)