Frigade supports sending events to Amplitude. The following guide will help you set up this integration in just a few steps.

Sending Frigade events to Amplitude

You can set up Frigade to send events to Amplitude when your users take actions in your Flows. The event types and data schema is identical to the events sent in Frigade Webhooks.

Step 1: Copy your Amplitude API Key

Log in to your Amplitude account, open the settings menu, and select Organization settings. Select the Projects tab and copy the API Key for the project you want to send events to. Do not copy the secret API key as only the public API key is required.

Step 2: Add Amplitude as an integration in Frigade

Open the Integrations page in Frigade and select Amplitude. Paste the API key you copied in step 1 and click Save. If the integration is enabled, events will start streaming to Amplitude immediately.

Step 3: See data in Amplitude

Open the dashboard for the project you selected in step 1 and take some action in any given Frigade Flow such as completing a step. You should see events starting to stream from Frigade in the Realtime event stream widget:

Sending Amplitude data to Frigade

Bidirectional read/writes to Amplitude is not yet available on all Frigade plans. If you’re interested in this feature, please get in touch.