Webhooks allow you to receive notifications from Frigade when certain events occur. You can use webhooks to receive notifications about your users when they start a Flow and as they progress through it.

Creating a webhook

To add a new webhook, open the Webhooks page from the left sidebar in the Frigade dashboard and click the “Add webhook” button.

Supported events

The following events are currently supported:

  • flowResponse.startedFlow - when a user starts a Flow
  • flowResponse.completedFlow - when a user completes a Flow
  • flowResponse.abortedFlow - when a user aborts a Flow
  • flowResponse.startedStep - when a user aborts a Step in a Flow
  • flowResponse.completedStep - when a user completes a Step in a Flow

Webhook payload

The payload of the message includes the type of the event in the type property.

The data property contains the actual payload sent by Frigade. The payload can be a different object depending on the event type. For example, for flowResponse.* events, the payload will always be a Flow Response object.

   "type": "flowResponse.completedStep",
   "signature": "cabff19d9da06705f62c26c2a66154",
   "data": {
      // flowResponse object

Verifying the webhook

When you create a webhook, Frigade will generate a secret key for you. You can use this key to verify that the webhook is coming from Frigade.