Frigade supports bidirectional reads and writes from Heap. This guide shows you how to get started in a few minutes.

Sending Frigade data to Heap

The following steps will help you send data from Frigade to Heap. For instance, when a user completes a Survey or a step in a Checklist, Frigade can send this data to Heap.


Get your Heap Environment ID

From the Heap dashboard, navigate to Settings and open Projects. Click the appropriate project and environment and copy the numeric Environment ID.


Add Heap in Frigade

Next, go to your Frigade dashboard and select Integrations. Click Add Integration and select Heap.

You will be asked to enter your Heap Environment ID. Click Connect to save and activate the integration. Shortly after, events will start streaming from Frigade in real-time.


See Frigade events in Heap

You should now see events from Frigade in your Heap dashboard. You can test the integration by completing a Flow and checking the Live data feed page in Heap:

Sending Heap segments to Frigade

This feature is in early preview. Reach out to get early access.